Strix Imaging adds a competitive edge to Surveyors looking for UAS sub-consultants.  Our high-accuracy mapping and planimetric products are a perfect solution for topographic surveys, companion for boundary surveys, or high quality linework for ALTAs.

Surveyor Clients

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High Accuracy Photogrammetry

Our structure from motion photogrammetry can meet up to 6″ contours, and sub inch resolution orthoimagry. Some surveyors we work with have even claimed vertical accuracies within a few centimeters with our products.



Under 10 Day Turnaround

Need updated maps and planimetrics next week? no problem, our streamlined process means we can be on site and finished processing your products within 10 business days.



Lower Costs

Beat out your competition by reducing your photogrammetry costs. We typically come 20% below or more when compared to standard photogrammetry performed by manned aircraft.



 3D Planimetrics

 High Res. Orthoimagery


 Volumetrics & Change Detection

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Data used for:





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Note: In specific circumstances, depending on the type of project and the state the project is located, Strix must work as a sub-consultant of a Professionally licensed Surveyor, per state law. Contact Strix for further information on whether your project requires a Licensed Surveyor.