Your end-to-end solution, from large entire mine flights, to small stock pile volumetrics and as-builts, we’ve got you covered.

Mining Clients

EP Minerals


Entire Mine Updates

Our fixed-wing drones can provide 1′, 5′ or 10′ contours over 30,000+ acre mines with ease at a fraction of the cost of a manned aircraft




Our smaller hand-launched fixed-wing drones easily and quickly provide volumes with accompanying orthophotos to distinguish where one pile ends and the next begins, on a schedule that fits your needs.



Environmental Permitting

When you need accurate topographic data and an up-to-date imagery of your disturbances and reclamation sites, Strix Imaging can respond in a timely manner.



Seamless Software Integration

Our deliverables can fit your current workflow and coordinate system. Our products can import into AutoCAD, GEOVIA Surpac, Maptek – Vulcan, Hexagon Minesight, ADAM Tech, ESRI, among others.  If you name it, we’ll provide it in the right format and local coordinate system.


Enterprise Mapping

Topography, Orthophotos, Volumetrics, Change Detection

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Entire Mine – once per year

Stock piles and other smaller areas – bi-annualy, quarterly or monthly

Unlimited One-time Flights – at a fixed per-acre cost

We’ve seen our data used for:

 Entire site update



 Flood prevention

 Leach pad volumes

  Haul road curbing and crowning


 Stockpile Volumes

 Change/errosion detection



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