Civil Engineering

From corridor projects, such as transportation planning and floodway studies, to master planned developments; our mapping typically has higher accuracy than traditional photogrammetry and shorter turnaround times.

Engineering Clients

reno engineering


Progress Quantities

Projects requiring large earthwork quantities are subject to many estimations and assumptions.  UAS mapping can be utilized to check and verify quantities during mass grading, allowing adjustment to the site prior to finalizing site improvements.



Planning and Site Analysis

Knowing existing conditions is key to all successful project.  Strix Imaging can produce simplified terrain model suited to concept analysis at a fraction of the cost of full topography and planimetrics.  Know site feasibility before spending the big bucks.



Seamless Software Integration

Our data can be provided in a variety of formats, from Civil 3D terrain surfaces and Recap points clouds, to full site planimetrics and geotiff orthoimagery.  We can provide the format that works for you.


We’ve seen our data used for:

 Proposal 3d models

 Design surfaces



 3d & 2D Planimetrics

 Boundry surveys



Example Planimetrics

Let us show you first hand

Note: In specific circumstances, depending on the type of project and the state the project is located, Strix must work as a sub-consultant of a Professionally licensed Surveyor, per state law. Contact Strix for further information on whether your project requires a Licensed Surveyor.