Your end to end solution, from large entire mine flights, to small stock pile volumetrics and as-builts, we’ve got you covered.

“…drones are reshaping the way mining companies survey new areas, providing better results for a fraction of the cost.” Mining Global


Entire Mine Flights

Our fixed wing drones can provide 1′, 5′ or 10′ contours over 30,000+ acre mines with ease at a fraction of the cost of a manned aircraft



Stock Piles

Our smaller hand launched fixed wing drones easily and quickly provide volumes with orthophotos to distinguished where one piles ends and the next begins as often as you need.




Walking stock piles, roads and other small sites you need elevation data on can be dangerous. We make it cost effective to fly instead of putting boots on the ground.



UAS Experts

When you demand consistent measurements you can count on, it’s time to call in the experts. Though many mine engineers think flying drones sounds like “fun”, getting high accuracy topography from drones consistently is no easy task. Let us help you focus on what matters, mining.


Enterprise UAS

Topography, Orthophotos, Volumetrics, Change Detection

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Entire Mine – once per year

Stock piles and other smaller areas – bi-annualy, quarterly or monthly

Unlimited One Time Flights – at a fixed per-acre cost

We’ve seen our data used for:

 Entire site update



 Flood prevention

 Leach pad volumes

 haul road curbing and crowning


 Stockpile Volumes

 Change/errosion detection



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